Our Love

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I wanted to blog about the love of my life--my husband, Scott. I've been wanting to blog about this for awhile. Scott and I have known each other for 9 years. We've been married for 4 1/2 years. I'm so thankful to spend my life alongside him. I realize how blessed we are to have each other and when I look back at our relationship over the past 9 years, God's love and grace is so evident. Scott really is my best friend and best mate. I'm thankful that God knew this before either of us did.

These next photos make me laugh!

Top left: This is us at our high school graduation in May 2003. Wow! We look so young. We were so young.

Top right: In the summer of 2004, my family went on vacation back East. Scott came along. We went to the beach in Ocean City, NJ. This is us on the beach on that trip. It looks like there's a guy growing out of the top of my head. Awesome.

Bottom: On that same trip, we spent a couple days in NYC. We took this photo on the ferry we rode into the city. It was a windy and rainy day full of lots of great memories.

On January 29, 2007, Scott proposed. I, of course, said "Yes!"

Top left: My sister-in-law, Brianna, took this photo after we were engaged. I've always loved it.

Top right: This photo was taken after one of our wedding invitation making nights.

Bottom: This photo was taken at a 4th of July party at Scott's grandparents house in Edgewood. We got married a week later.

Scott and I said "I do" on July 13, 2007. It was a beautiful day that couldn't have been more perfect!

*Above two photos taken by Seth Goodman Photography.

Since our wedding day, we've spent the past 4 1/2 years building a life together. Three weeks after getting married, we moved to Tulsa where we both graduated from college and where we recently welcomed our sweet daughter, Haley, into our lives. We have since moved back to New Mexico and we couldn't be happier to be back.

Our little family:

*Above two photos taken by Encre Photography