Merry Christmas Eve

It seems like Christmas snuck up on me this year. Between adjusting to life with a new baby and moving from Oklahoma to New Mexico this fall, I just don't feel like I had enough time to prepare for Christmas. Nonetheless, I enjoyed decorating our little home and making it feel Christmas-y.

Haley's 1st Christmas ornament....handmade by her momma.

Our very little, fake tree. Someday soon we'll have a big real one.

My mom gave us this ornament back in 2007...our first Christmas as a married couple.

This Christmas our family isn't doing a lot of gift giving. Although I'm partially sad about it, it has been nice avoiding all the hustle and bustle and crazy shoppers this holiday season. Instead, we have been blessed to remember and reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas. I'm excited to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Words cannot express how thankful I am that he was born and died to save me.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.