Moving {headed to the five oh five}

About a week and a half ago, Scott and I, with the help of a couple friends (thanks JJ and Brandon), packed our one-bedroom apartment into a U-haul truck and headed West to Albuquerque. Since then, we've moved all of our stuff into a sweet little condo in NE Abq. Now, Haley has her own room and we have a gigantic, beautiful mountain outside our living room, nursery, and bedroom windows. Blessed? Yes. Most definitely. Photos of the new place will be posted eventually, but until then, here's a few from our trip.

Scott's most missed place in Tulsa. The mother of all convenience stores...

A night in Amarillo.

Opening the door to our new home for the 1st time.

We miss our friends in Oklahoma, but we'll see them soon I'm sure. For now, it's good to be back in Albuquerque.