Tulsa {the places of...}


I mentioned in an earlier post that we have now lived in Tulsa for over 4 years. 4 years adds up! Along the way, we've made a lot of memories.

Below are the places of Tulsa--some we'll miss, some we won't, but all in all, these sum up our 4 years here.

(In alphabetical order because I'm a dork...)

1. Cains Ballroom: Cains Ballroom is such an extraordinary venue. We fell in love with it the first time we visited to see UnderOath in concert. Since then, we've seen MuteMath (twice), Feist, Band of Horses. and a few other bands. I appreciate Cains for it's history in Tulsa and it's atmosphere. It will be missed dearly.

2. Cancer Treatment Centers of America: This place has been my employer for the better part of our 4 years here. Even though it had it's ups and downs, I am blessed to be able say that I enjoyed my time at CTCA. I will miss my coworkers, my patients, and the awesome benefits here. Keep doing what you are doing, CTCA. You make a difference in people's lives. Thank you.

3. Home: This is our home. It hasn't been our home for the whole time we were here, but the better part for sure. It's nothing amazing--just a small one bedroom apartment on the second floor. But it was our home. We made a lot of memories here--memories to last a lifetime.

4. Kaffe Bona: Kaffe Bona was one of the first places we visited just after moving. We were excited to find a coffee shop in our new town. Shortly after visiting, Scott applied for a job and got it. He then spent a good 2 1/2 years working at Kaffe Bona while he went to school. I'm sure there are things that Scott does and does not miss at Kaffe Bona, but the most rewarding thing to come from his job there were the friends that were made. We are blessed by the friendships that were made at this little coffee house.

5. Kilkenny's: This place is hands down one of our favorite restaurants in Tulsa. We will miss its Irish goodness.

6. McNellies: 4 words--Three Dollar Burger Nights. Enough said.

7. Oklahoma State University: My school. Thankful for my degree, but no, I won't miss it.

8. Oral Roberts University: Scott's school. While I'm pretty sure Scott doesn't miss school itself, he does miss the friends he made there. For the gang (you know who you are): we miss you and love you so much!

9. Quiktrip: For everyone reading this that is not from Tulsa or has never lived here, this may seem just like an ordinary convenience store. You may even be laughing that this made the list. But for those of you that have lived in Tulsa, you understand the gloriousness that is Quiktrip. We will miss this place A LOT!

10. River Trail: The River Trail is a trail that runs North to South along the Arkansas River in Tulsa. It goes from South Tulsa, winds behind our apartment complex, and ends all the way North in Downtown. Since it is literally right outside our door, we spent many evenings taking walks with Max. We also had a tradition of enjoying a bottle of Strawberry Crush soda while we walked. Those were beautiful walks that we both will miss.

11. Turkey Mountain: While it was a long lived joke that this hill was called a mountain, we both enjoyed the hiking trails there. I love that Turkey Mountain was in the city but felt secluded at the same time. So nice! Max loves Turkey Mountain! He and we will miss it.

12. Victory Christian Center: Our church and Scott's job for the past year and a half. Victory is a church that believes in helping others. I love that about it. It's also the church that sent Scott to Haiti (twice) and the Dominican Republic and opened his eyes to what international missions look like. We will miss the friends that we've made at Victory. Keep doing what you are doing!

13. Woodward Park: We visited this beautiful park the first time we visited Tulsa as a couple, just a few months before getting married and moving. After we moved, it became our picnicking spot. It's seriously one of the most beautiful parks I've been too. I will miss laying on my back and looking up to the treetops and sky.

Well, that sums up the places of Tulsa. We head home to Albuquerque tomorrow. While it's sad to leave some things behind, we look forward to enjoying the things we've missed in New Mexico for the past 4 years.