A Season of Change {It's Time to Move!}

Over 4 years ago on Friday the 13th (July, 2007), I said "I do" to my best friend. Next to saying yes to Jesus, it was the best thing I had ever done. It still is. Three weeks after our beautiful wedding day, we packed up and headed East--East to Tulsa, OK. Tulsa has been it--as a couple, as a family--it's always been Tulsa. It's been our life, our "home". Tulsa has given us lots: a bachelor's degree (each), our beagle Max, life-long friends that may as well be family, and our beautiful daughter. In Tulsa, we have grown. We have been stretched. We have learned a lot. Because of Tulsa, we realize our love for Albuquerque--a love we may not have known otherwise.

Our time here is up. Boxes are being packed. We say good-bye to this chapter and hello to the next. Albuquerque awaits us. We are excited for what's to come! In Tulsa our dreams came true. Now we await the coming of our next hopes and dreams and we pray for an experience like none other. We are so ready!

Albuquerque--see you October 24th!

***Photographs courtesy of David Spence, Encre Photography.